AC Power Cord (5-15P to C13) 1.5 SQ.MM. (16A 250V) 1.8m


SKU : CAB00238-THXL1.8

AC Power Cord, good quality 1.8 meter (NEMA 5-15P to IEC320 C13), TIS cable, 100% brass, resistant to rust, 16A 250V, connect all ground lines.


• Power cord (AC Power), good quality, grade A, cable with TIS.
• Power plug head Made with 100% brass (16A 250V), rust-resistant.
• Plug head is US type (Type B: NEMA 5-15P to IEC 320 C13).
• Copper cross-section 1.5 SQ.MM.
• Manufactured with VCT standard (Thailand wiring standard)
• TIS. 11  PART  5-2553  60227  IEC 53 (VCT)  3x1.5  SQ.MM.  PVC/PVC   300/500V  70C

• Suitable for devices that require a high standard of wiring quality. Hand tools, washing machines, medical apparatus and instruments, machinery and equipment.

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