AV Cable 1 In 1 Out (Video Signal) (Male to Male) 10m.


SKU : CAB00574-10

AV cable in 1 in 1 out, better quality than general free cable, length 10 meters, used only as a video signal cable, TV, video surveillance camera

Categories : AV - Audio Video CABLE CCTV


  • AV cable or RCA cable in 1 out 1
  • The yellow RCA jack is used to receive and transmit only video signals.
  • Both male heads (M-M)
  • Cable length 10 meters
  • Used for connection to transmit video signals. For devices such as VCR, DVD, TV, CCTV, etc
  • Big thick cable (better quality than general free cable)

    * Not suitable for connecting to a large screen or a screen with a high resolution

Knowledge of AV cables

AV cable stands for Audio-Video, both a video signal cable and an audio cable. The yellow RCA jacks are used for receiving and transmitting video signals, and the white-red RCA jacks are for receiving - sending audio signals.
AV cables used to be widely used. But The resolution is not very high. It has a resolution of SD (Standard Definition) only (about 480P - 576P), which is not equal to Full HD (1080P), although it is less than the newer cables that come later, but with an affordable price. It can be bought in general. Therefore, it is still being used today.

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