USB to Serial (9 Pins) RS232 Z-tek 1.8M (Win10 Support)


SKU : USB00440-ZL1.8

Buy USB to RS232 Serial Port converter. Excellent quality. Brand Z-TEK. Genuine. Easy to install. No need to install drivers. Support Windows 10.


USB 2.0 to RS232 Serial Port (9 Pins) Adapter  Brand  Z-TEK
• USB 2.0 cable grade-A silver braided cable
• Cable length 1.8 meters.
Input (Transmitter) = USB 2.0 / Output (Receiver) = RS232  * Cannot be used interchangeably.
Support for Windows 10 (32/64 Bits) and lower, Macintosh and Linux.
Suitable for plugging into a computer PC or notebook with only USB Port to convert the available USB Port to RS232 Serial Port (9 Pins) such as Modem, Barcode Reader, or other RS232 devices.

* No driver disc is required to install. Let customers go to Windows Update and update to the latest version of Windows. When plugged into a USB, the system will detect the device and retrieve the driver from the system.

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