Ethernet cable CAT5 CAT6 ready to use



Into the head with a machine from the factory to be homogeneous with the line Does not cause torn or fall off easily Used for connecting between computers and Switching Hub, cable length from 1 meter to 50 meters.

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Ethernet cable CAT5 and CAT6 into the head, ready to use.
Enter the finished head from the factory to be homogeneous with the line. It does not cause tearing or fall off easily.
Cable lengths are available from 1 meter to 50 meters  (click to select cable length in the ordering process).
Assorted colors according to the production lot. Most are blue lines.
  If the customer wants to choose a color, ask or write details in the note when ordering.

Used for connecting between computers with Switching Hub or other applications in the LAN (Network).

Comment from

This CAT5 and CAT6 cable have a lifespan of about 1-2 years because it is an economical model cable (OEM), not making a brand or not having a brand to get a lower price. The factory will produce to reduce the line cost by using a small copper cable and a medium-grade RJ45 head. The cable can use commonly. But when used for a long time, the RJ45 head exposed to air will have an oxide coating on the brass pin, and a plastic lock on the head will be broken more quickly than usual, Not resistant to frequent plugging in and out, resulting in shorter service life (This can fix by cutting off the old head and crimp into the head of the new cable).

The advice is that if you want to buy this grade of LAN cable, you should use it as a giveaway, use it for free, or not use it for a long time. It's not suitable for walking in an office system, a dormitory, a work room, or a meeting room that requires a conduit or has a permanent installation. Because the line has expired, Editing will be tricky. Therefore, this cable is suitable for use without a tube or does not require much system installation. Plug it in for temporary use or if you think to use it only for 1-2 years, then change it. Can decide to buy and use because the price will be lower.

But if you want a quality LAN cable with a guarantee of use, Robust RJ45 head, genuine brass pin, resistant to oxides and rust. We recommended increasing the budget and choosing  =>  LAN Cable brand LINK.

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