Lan cable 50 meters CAT6 LINK ready to use



LAN cable to the finished head CAT6 (600 MHz) is ready to use. Genuine Brand LINK supports 10/100/1000—length 50 meters. Test the cable with a LINK cable tester before sending all lines.

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  • Lan cable, UTP cable to the head, finished CAT6 (600 MHz), ready to use, genuine Brand LINK
  • Cable length 50 meters
  • Used to connect between the computer and the Hub.

    * Enter the finished head by (cable + head RJ45 CAT6+Boot is all genuine LINK)

    • CAT6 cable (600 MHz), code US-9116
    • RJ45 CAT6 head, code US-1002
    • BOOT RJ45 CAT6 Code US-6624

The head access device uses Grade A LINK pliers (US-8001R) and tests the cable with Cable Tester LINK on every line.

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