CAT6 Ethernet LAN cable UTP LINK (600MHz) 15 meters



Ready-made Ethernet LAN cable CAT6 (600 MHz) ready to use. Genuine Brand Link. Support 10/100/1000 Gbps. Length 15 meters.

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LAN cable, UTP cable, ready-made head, CAT6 (600 MHz), ready-to-use, genuine Brand LINK.

Cable length 15 meters.
• Used to connect between the computer and the Hub.

* Enter the finished head by (cable + head RJ45 CAT6 + Boot are all genuine LINK)

The device for entering the head uses LINK pliers, grade A (TL-1101R), ready to test all cables with a LINK LAN cable tester.

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In general, the LAN cable that is on sale, in general, will use the LAN cable LINK model US-9106LSZH with a signal frequency of only 250MHz. And Use a regular Boot for a lower price and economical to reduce costs. But the shop chooses to use LINK LAN cable, model US-9116LSZH, which has a frequency of up to 600MHz, uses RJ-45 CAT6 heads and all LINK genuine Boot to make ready-to-use Ethernet cables. To get quality cables Optimized signal transmission, sensitivity, and minimal signal loss for long-distance LAN cables.


 คีมย้ำสายแลน LINK TL-1101Rเครื่องเช็คสายแลน LINK


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