Telephone line splitter, RJ11 splitter (6P4C) 1 in 2 out


SKU : NET00438-RJ11

Telephone Jack type RJ11 6P4C separates the phone signal into two channels (sound signal at the same time) suitable for phone, fax, etc.


Telephone Jack Splitter 2 channels (in 1 out 2)
• It is a RJ11 head type 6P4C.
• Used to split the phone signal to other points or to split the signal line between a telephone and fax machine. When there is an incoming call, both channels will be transmitted simultaneously. For example, if two phones connect. At two different points, the phone signal will ring simultaneously.

* Please check the connector type carefully before ordering. Because the Phone Splitter is similar to The LAN Splitter (RJ45), the Phone Splitter has only 6 Pins for the connector, but the LAN Splitter has 8 Pins.

  Want to order Lan Splitter (RJ45), can be ordered by this link => Lan Splitter (RJ45)


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