LINK (TL-1101R) RJ45&RJ11 Professional Hand Crimping Tool


SKU : NET00285-1101

Crimping Tool LINK is genuine in a professional model for crimping RJ-45 connectors, RJ-11 telephone lines, and RJ-12 headphones in one.



• Crimping Tool for crimping RJ45 (8P) headers, as well as being able to crimp RJ11 (6P) and RJ12 (4P) telephones in one.
• Grade A products, quality guaranteed with authentic Brand LINK (model TL-1101R).
• Professional version for technicians who set up a LAN cable, telephone line system.
• The handle has a swivel to lock the handle.
• Good grip, excellent material, solid and durable.

* Comes with one screwdriver for maintenance, tightening various nuts at the pliers, always ready to use.

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