UPS Power Adapter or Monitor (IEC 320 C14)



Power plug adapter for UPS or Monitor, Convert Universal (EU UK AU) power plug to IEC 320 C14, available in 2 colors, black and white.

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Power adapter for UPS or Monitor
Convert from Universal power plug (EU UK AU) to IEC 320 C14 power plug.
10A 250V or 15A 125V supports no more than 2300W (approximately)
• Suitable for converting an AC power plug (IEC 320 C13) or plugged into the back of the UPS into a Univeral outlet. Easy to connect
• There are available in 2 colors, white and black, and can be used as appropriate.

Notes on the use of UPS plugs

UPS plug white socket C14UPS plug white socket Universal

UPS plug white socket  often connects to equipment that consumes more than the wattage of the UPS to be backed up. This is because a white socket transmits power (Bypass) without backing up the energy. Most of them often use to connect to peripherals that are Laser Printers, including other electrical appliances. But there may be questions. Oh! When there is no backup power, why will you plug in through UPS? That's because some UPS models come with an option. It comes with adjusting the voltage, current, power failure, and surge (Stabilizer). So even if there is no backup power. Plugging into a machine with a constant voltage adjustment is suitable. It takes care of electrical appliances more than plugging into a regular socket.

Power plug for UPS black colorPower plug for UPS black color Universal
The black UPS plug. Most of us will see a lot more than white sockets. That's because This black socket connects to the battery in the UPS for backup power. Therefore, any device that plugs into this black socket will also back up the energy. How long does it take, depending on the wattage of the machine? "There is still time to reserve work to be safe. In a period."

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