DVI Adapter Converter (24+5) (F) to DVI (24+1) (M)


SKU : ADP00322-T

DVI adapter, used to convert a DVI-I cable that is 24+5 to a DVI-D 24+1 port. For connecting to monitors of Dell and other brands.

Categories : ADAPTER DVI DIY


Adapter Port DVI (24+5) Female (F) to DVI (24+1) Male (M).
• Used to convert a DVI-I cable that is 24+5 to a Port DVI-D 24+1 (connect to the Monitor Output).
Converts a 24+5 DVI-I signal cable to connect to a monitor that supports only a 24+1 (DVI-D) port, such as Dell and other brand monitors.

* Cannot be used to reverse side or plug into Port converter with the video card, can be used to convert only for Output side plugged into monitor or receiver.

** Please check the connector type and the number of Pins of Port DVI before ordering.

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