USB 2.0 Splitter Cable Mini USB to Male (70 cm.)


SKU : CAB00346-5P

Extension cable USB in 1 out 2 from Mini USB 2.0 Male on the other side is USB2.0+USB2.0 Male for adding power to External harddisks or USB Hubs.


• 2 separate USB 2.0 cables, in 1 out 2 (Mini USB 5 Pin => MM).
• One side is a Mini USB 2.0 male head. The other side is a USB 2.0 male + USB 2.0 male.
Cable length 70 cm.
• Used to add power to the USB Port for peripheral devices that require additional power, such as a hard disk box, External Hardisk, USB Hub, or other devices.

* Please check the type of USB header carefully before ordering.






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