(By Order) Car power converter - Inverter 12v to 220v 1000W


SKU : CHG00343-1000

Inverter DC 12V to AC 220V supports power up to 1000W to convert car power to household power. In addition, use with TVs, Notebooks, printers, etc.


Car power converter (Inverter DC 12V to AC 220V).
Supports up to 1000W of power  *It is a specified value according to the product package. But the actual use Should not be with electrical appliances with control over 800W.
Easy to install; plug into the car cigarette lighter. Just like this, it can convert the car's power to the house's power. To plug in and use various home-powered devices such as TVs, notebooks/netbooks, audio equipment, digital cameras, PDAs, etc.


* Cannot be used with electrical appliances that have motor components such as fans, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, juice blenders, water pumps, sewing machines, refrigerators, hair dryers, electric drills, Polishing machines, grinding machines, etc. (Because it is not a PureSine Wave Inverter type, it is a typical model, can not be used with equipment with a motor)

There is a separate power cut switch on the machine when not in use.
Can be converted into one 3-pin power plug + 1 USB 5V port.
• Two types of charging cables are provided. 1. Connect to the cigarette lighter in the car 2. Connect the jumper directly to the car battery
Suitable for installing in the car as a backup or charging various devices.

* Not accepting the claim in case of short circuit, burning, or using more than the specified wattage. If used with a cigarette lighter, start the car first to convert the power. Then plug it into the cigarette lighter surge protection

** Should check the type of battery in the car before ordering whether it is a 12V or 24V type (this inverter uses only 12V)

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