Universal car and home adaptor for laptop (100W)


SKU : CHG00613

Notebook charger cable with 8 types of charging heads for various notebook models. It can be used both at home and in the car.


Charger for Notebook in the car with a maximum power of 100 watts.
• Can be used to charge two types.

1. Plug in the power from the car cigarette lighter.
2. Plug into the house socket.

There is a ready-made conversion head. For a plug for charging notebook batteries, various models come in 8 sizes.
There is a button on the device to adjust the power. (Must check with the Notebook Adapter used.)
• Input DC 9 - 15V / AC 110 - 240V  10A MAX
• Output DC 12 - 24V  4A - 5.5A MAX  USB 5V 1A
Well packaged in a hard box for storing equipment.

 * Precautions for using the car charger

1. Adjust the power supply around the device display. to match the power used (See the specification with the Notebook used)
2. Do not connect to devices with over 100 Watts of power.
3. Always remove the device from the cigarette lighter when not in use.
4. Plug in the charger first, then plug it into the computer. (The computer must be off. Plug in the device, and then turn it on.)
5. Always plug into this device while the car is starting.  Do not use this device to charge while the car is off.


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