USB2.0 Auto Switcher for sharing printer 1 printer 4 computers


SKU : SPT00720-4

Use as a junction box Switch printers, install one share printer to use with four computers via USB 2.0 cable without a LAN cable.


Printer switcher. For sharing a printer, one device can use with four computers.
• Use as a junction box. Install and share the printer via USB 2.0 without a LAN cable.
• Box size: width 5 cm. x length 10.2 cm. thickness 2 cm.
• It is necessary to install the driver before use.
• System Required Windows PC (Compatible with Windows 7 / 8.1 /10, tested)
• Equipment provided in the package: 1. 1 splitter box 2. 1 driver disc for installation

* There is no free cable. The customer must have a USB2.0 Printer cable or  order additional cables.

 Installation steps

1. Plug the USB cable from the Printer into the Port on the device (separate Port).
2. Plug the USB cable from each computer into the device (4 Port PC1 - PC4).
3. Install the driver in the CD. on all four computers (you do not need to use all 4 Ports, share three computers, and it can use)
4. Install the printer driver to be used. (every machine that will share the printer)
5. The driver has been installed successfully. There will be a circle icon in the lower right corner of the screen
6. The red circle icon means the Printer is not ready for use / green means the Printer is ready for use / yellow means prepared to use, switch the Switch to print to this machine.
7. Switching printers Click the circle button and select Switch to switch to typing on the desired PC (if the button is yellow will be ready to be swapped, if the button is red means you are not able to change yet or another printer is in use)


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