Eggshell stickers Void Warranty (Circle) (300 pcs.)



Void Sticker, Sheet eggshell stickers for a product warranty Ready-to-use printing, circle format, size 1x1 cm., economical price.

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• Void Stickers Product Warranty (Void Sticker) Eggshell Sticker Ready-to-use print.
• When peeled off, the Void eggshell sticker sheet will break into pieces. (Like an eggshell) cannot be returned to its original state.
• Ready-to-use die-cuts, It is a circular eggshell Void, size 1x1 cm.
• Total number of 300 pcs.
• Suitable for writing products with a permanent waterproof pen or a CD writing pen. The text will not peel off.

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