PCI Card to USB 2.0 (4+1) add USB Port


SKU : PCI00310

PCI Card to USB 2.0 (4+1), consisting of 4 Ports USB 2.0 on the outside and 1 Port inside. Chip VIA VT6212L supports Windows—no driver CD required.

Categories : PCI CARD


PCI Card to USB 2.0 (4+1) is used to plug into the PCI Slot on the computer motherboard.
Contains 4 USB 2.0 Ports on the outside and one on the inside.
This card is used in standard PCI slots, not PCI Express. Please check the slot on the motherboard for sure. before ordering
CHIP VIA VT6212L 0830CD TAIWAN 23B7030121
Supports Windows operating system

* Driver CD is not required. The system will ask for the driver from Windows to install itself.

Installation steps

  1. Power off the computer and open the CPU case cover to install the card.
  2. Install the card on the motherboard. Press the card to fit snugly against the Slot.
  3. Close the CPU case cover, and turn on the computer. Let the computer verify the installation of the new device. And follow the steps of the system until the installation is complete.

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