(By Order) HDMI Extender (4K) ต่อสาย HDMI ด้วยสายแลน CAT 6 (120M)


SKU : SPT00791-120M

HDMI Extender up to 120 meters, supports resolutions up to 4K@30Hz, easy to install, do it yourself, and comes with the instruction manual.


HDMI Extender supports resolutions up to 4K@30Hz.
• Use only one CAT6 LAN cable to connect to an HDMI Extender to receive and transmit HDMI signals.
It is necessary to use a good quality A-grade cable (recommended Brand Link).
Supports the length of a LAN cable up to 120 meters (must be CAT6 or above).
• The size of the Extender box is 8.4 cm. wide, 9.4 cm long, and 2.4 cm thick.
• No need to set any value; only plug the cable according to the channel. It can use immediately.
• There is an adapter for the power supply (5V 1A) * It must plug in all the time.
Convenient for wiring long HDMI cables that have problems from complicated wiring. This system helps prevent bending and bending of traditional HDMI cables by using a converter with a LAN cable that is easier to wiring. To support the installation of long-distance equipment.

* The HDMI cable used to connect the transmitter and receiver on both sides should use a good quality and shortest HDMI cable. Please do not use an HDMI cable that is too long (it should not exceed 3 meters). It will affect the signal quality.

Using the HDMI Extender in different locations

how to install

1. The transmitter is plugged into the transmitter by plugging the end of the HDMI cable into a player such as an HD Player, PS3, satellite box, Blue-Ray player, or other players.
2. Plug the LAN cable into the receiving-transmitting port on both sides.
3. The Receiver, plug the other end of the HDMI cable into the receiver, such as an LCD/LED TV or projector screen.

** Adapter needs to be plugged in to increase the power supply to transmit signals over a long distance. For the first time, plug the Adapter into the power outlet first. Then bring the DC head and plug it into the box.


 HDMI Extender connection format to use

HDMI Extender Features


Connection and operation

1. Transmitter 1 Pcs.
2. Receiver) 1 Pcs.
3. One pair of IR RX and IR TX cable  (optional for remote control * No plugging required // Remote control not included)
4. AC-DC Adapter 5V1A (5.5x2.5mm.) 2 Pcs.

5. English Manual 1 Pcs.


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