2.5 HDD External Case USB 2.0 (1TB)



Aluminum 2.5-inch hard disk enclosure, IDE type, classic design, luxury, super slim, can be used with all operating systems.

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Black Blue Red Silver


• Aluminum notebook hard drive case supports up to 1TB capacity.
• Compatible with Hardisk Notebook 2.5 inch IDE only!!
• It is a Super Slim Hardisk Box, width 7.4 cm., length 12.3 cm., thickness 1.4 cm.
• Simple and elegant design.
• Data transmission rate up to 480Mbps.
• The system is connected to a USB 2.0 (Plug & Play) without installing drivers.
• Supports all operating systems, both MAC and PC.
• Packed in a well-packaged box with a leather case, screwdriver, and USB cable inside the box.

* important!!! The product is just a Harddisk box. There is no hard disk inside.

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