DC Power Plug Connector Adapter for Lenovo to DC 7.9x5.5mm (90 Degree)


SKU : 00414-LV7955

Connector Adapter Jack Adapter Notebook Lenovo or All In One computer to DC 7.9x5.5 mm. (90 Degree) you do not need to buy a new Lenovo notebook adapter.


Adapter Lenovo Male (M) for Notebook or All In One computer.
It is a particular head for use with Brand Lenovo devices only.
• The other side is a female DC 7.9x5.5 power header (F).
• The head is a 90-degree angle head type.

Suitable for those who already have a DC 7.9x5.5 mm. Male (M) adapter. You can modify the plug to supply power to Lenovo devices.

  Please check the size of the Lenovo notebook adapter head is correct, as there are different sizes. This model can only use with Notebook Lenovo, which has a 11mm wide and 4.5mm thick charger head.

* Use must check each device's power by using the DC adapter with the same specification.

** It's just a jack adapter or a charger converter jack to make it compatible only. It does not convert electricity or any power supply. The power received depends on the DC Volt Adapter (7.9x5.5 mm.) plugged in.

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