USB to DC 5V (3.5 x 1.35mm.) Cable 1.1m.


SKU : 00258-35135L

Use plug-in the charger via USB Port (5V) to add to devices such as a signal amplifier box, a Bluetooth speaker, etc. Charging head size 3.5 x1.35mm.


USB to DC charging cable ( 3.5 x 1.35 mm. )
• Voltage 5 volts (5V)
The diameter of the jack plug is 3.5 mm wide, the inner hole is 1.35 mm wide.
The inner plug is positive (+), and the outer plug is negative (-).

• Cable length 1.1 meters (approximately)
Used for plugging in to charge the USB Port (5V) to add to devices such as USB or HDMI cable Signal Amplifier box with voltage booster, CCTV equipment, AV VGA HDMI Splitter, Extender, USB Hub, Switching Hub, USB fans, Bluetooth speakers and other devices, etc.

* You should definitely measure the diameter of the plug head before ordering.

** If you want stability when plugged in continuously for a long time Consider choosing a DC Adapter 5V instead.

  Buy DC Adapter 5V (3.5x1.35mm.)

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